Are you interested in organising an original event ?

Voyages diVins invites you to explore the universe of wine in a way that is bold and thoughtful at the same time.

In a friendly atmosphere, you will learn both theoretical elements but as well trust your senses.

  • Travel the fascinating world of wine and cheese pairings : understand the main rules, and challenge presumptions.

  • Travel through time : embark on the incredible, epic story of wine, from the birth of viticulture to the present day.

  • Travel in France : understand the large viticulture regions of France, their terroirs and main grape varieties. You will no longer fear the questions of your foreign friends!

  • Travel to the 4 corners of the world : expand your horizons, discover wines from around the world and their hidden treasures (this will delight even the most patriotic among you!)

  • Travel blindfolded : learn to analyse wine and dare to listen to your senses with a journey through a blind tasting session. Making mistakes has never been so enjoyable!

  • Travel, life and wine : illustrate moments from your personal or company story through an original selection of wines.

And there’s more!

Tasting workshops can be fully customized to the number of participants, theme, number of wines tasted, duration of event and location (office, home or rented space).

Anne is really passionate about wine, and always enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge. An expert in wine and food pairings, she found the right words and harmonies to ensure her tasting was a truly delicious and enriching experience.

Alexandre S.
Investment Director @Quantmetry

Our tasting gave us the opportunity to share lovely moments as a team with Anne, who is deeply passionate about wine and took us on a journey through French terroirs and their stories.

Daniel B.
Manager @Grant Thornton France

I chose Voyages diVins and I must admit that I was satisfied beyond my expectations. Faced with a heterogeneous public of passionate and uninitiated, Anne has captured the interest of all ! I had excellent feedback from my clients. I highly recommend !

Nadia C.

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